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September 23, 2016



September 12, 2016

Has Ended For The 2016-17 BSYBL SEASON.

Any Players Who Wish To Register At This Time Will Be Assessed An Additional Fee To Cover The Cost Of Their Uniform. Please Use The Links Below To Complete The Online Registration.


September 1, 2016

2016-17 Team Photos will be hosted by Define - who you are. Dates for each division will be scheduled as follows...

November 5 - 4th, 5th and 6th Grade Girls
November 12 - 5th and 6th Grade Boys
December 3 - 3rd and 4th Grade Boys
December 10 - 2nd Grade Boys, 2nd and 3rd Grade Girls

Coaches will have the opportunity to select the specific time and gym location for their team's photo session once the game schedule is released.


August 1, 2016

The deadline for Advanced Registration for the 2016-17 BSYBL Season is September 11. You can register your player/coach by clicking the links above.

Once again this season Teamwork Athletic Apparel will be the uniform provider for all BSYBL teams. DAUBYS SPORTS CENTER (2720 West 41st St, Sioux Falls) has samples of all sizes in stock if you would like to check the fit before completing registration.

Team Rosters will be announced on September 28, practices may begin at that time. 

First half schedules will be announced on October 21 (for 2nd-6th Grade Girls and 2nd Grade Boys) and on October 28 (for 3rd-6th Grade Boys) and a coaches meeting is set for October 30. Team uniforms will be distributed at the coaches meeting. 


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